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Super-Automatic Espresso Machine PicoBaristo Carafe HD8927/47

Super-Automatic Espresso Machine PicoBaristo Carafe HD8927/47

(code : HD8927/47 Saeco)
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Enjoy 5,000 cups of exceptional coffee without scaling

Infuse 11 varieties of coffee
One-Way Milk Tank
Stainless steel
Adjustable Mill (10 settings)

Up to 5,000 cups * without descaling with the AquaClean filter.

The new patented Saeco innovation, the AquaClean water filter, ensures that you get the most out of your automatic coffee machine.

By changing the filter when the machine requires it, you will no longer need to descaler from your machine for a time equivalent to the preparation of up to 5,000 cups *, while enjoying clear and purified water.

In addition to this, the descaling notification alarm turns off automatically once AquaClean is installed in your favorite Saeco coffee machine.

Enjoy a hot coffee in the blink of an eye with the boiler with quick heating system

When every minute counts, you can prepare a perfect espresso and cappuccino in no time at all thanks to the boiler with fast heating system.

The secret of the device lies in its lightweight aluminum and stainless steel housing, which allows to reach high temperatures quickly

The intensity setting remembers your preferences.

Choose your ideal intensity from 5 different settings and set the length of your coffee and its temperature. You can easily save a length to apply to each of your drinks, thanks to the memorization feature.

All your preparations will be exactly to your liking. No need to remember your preferences at the local barista.
Optimize flavors with fully ceramic mills
The sturdy mills made entirely of ceramic guarantee a moment of pure pleasure for years to come.

The ceramic creates the ideal grind, allowing the water to flow continuously, and extract the purest essence from the grains. Unlike other "regular" mills, the ceramic prevents the coffee from overheating, thus avoiding a burning taste.

Refine the richness of the coffee thanks to the 10 levels of the mill
When it comes to the fineness of grinding, this machine always satisfies.
Different blends of coffee require different levels of granularity, in order to fully taste all the flavors.
The grinding granularity of this machine is thus endowed with ten adjustable parameters: from the finest grind for a full-bodied espresso, to the coarsest for a light coffee.

A cappuccino or latte macchiato hot and delicious at the touch of a button
Each prepared coffee will be crowned with a layer of silky milk that will delight your taste buds. The milk reservoir foams the milk twice, then pours a creamy layer without splashing into your cup at the ideal temperature. The tank can also be stored in the refrigerator and is extremely hygienic.

A large number of espresso specialties with latte macchiatoA large number of specialties from espresso to latte macchiato
Whether you want an espresso or a latte macchiato, you will be seduced by all the options offered by this machine. At breakfast or after a meal, you can enjoy a drink at any time and in a single gesture.

Iconically stainless steel façade, precisely crafted The use of stainless steel on the façade and the careful Italian design will allow this fully automatic machine to withstand time, in both traditional and modern cuisine.

A true embodiment of elegance and sobriety, this appliance is as refined as the coffee it makes it possible to prepare.

Backlit Touchscreen and Fluid Navigation The advanced user interface has 12 backlit LED buttons that can be used to make drinks in one go and make navigation easier.

The screen combines icons and text guides the user through customization options and important maintenance operations.

Coffee Meter
Water hardness test strip
Cleaning Brush
Water filter
Main Features

Coffee intensity settings - 5
Several cups at the same time - 2
Personalization of each beverage
- Adjustable coffee intensity
- Adjustable Cup Volume
- Adjustable temperature
- Memory storage function
Easy cleaning and maintenance
- Automatic descaling cycle
- Automatic rinse cycle
- Limestone level indicator
- Dishwasher safe parts
- Removable brewing group
- Compatible with the AquaClean filter
Ease of use and comfort
- Adjustable spout
- Screen
- Removable drip tray
- Removable water tank
- Automatic shut-off
Adjustment of the mill - 10
Variety of unique keys - 11
Special Features
- Ceramic grinder
- Hot water option
- Integrated tank
- Option for ground coffee
- Pre-infusion
Temperature Adjustments - 3
Display Type - LCD
Brewing time of one cup - 45 (espresso) to 100 (long coffee) s
Capacity of the grain tank - 250 g
Milk tank capacity - 500 ml
Waste container capacity - 15 capsules
Water tank capacity - 1.8 l
Cord Length - 1.2 m
Frequency - 50 Hz
Maximum container height - 78 - 164 mm
Voltage - 120 V
Boilers - 1
Pressure of the pump - 15 ba
Weight & dimensions
Product dimensions (W x D x H) - 215 x 429 x 330 mm
Product weight - 7.2 kg
Boiler material - Stainless steel (stainless steel)
Drip tray material - Stainless steel
Main part material - Stainless steel front
Water Tank Material - Plastic
Energy certification -Class A
Consumption during infusion - 1 850 W
Black color
Stainless steel

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