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Conditions of sale

The BESTCOST company wishes to inform you on its conditions of sale. By making an order, you are deemed to accept all the conditions of sale of BESTCOST. In order to be well familiar with these conditions, please refer to the various sections of the catalogue, on the left side of the screen.


Thank you for your confidence in BESTCOST

Security and confidentiality

BESTCOST would like to assure you of the security of its e-commerce Web site. All payments, made on our Web site with a credit card, are dealt with through well established cryptographic techniques, via Paypal, the leading Canadian firm in this field.

In order to become a certified InternetSecure dealer and accept payment by the credit cards of the five largest Canadian bank, BESTCOST had to meet all of their requirements on matters of security and ethics. Moreover, your credit card number will NEVER transit through our server and is not stored on our computers. All your confidential data are directly submitted to the Paypal server in order to be encrypted and sent to your bank for validation.

All the confidential data collected by InternetSecure are kept off-line, encrypted by the 128 bits SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology in addition to being protected by a firewall to block all intrusions. All the data transmitted to your bank, such as your credit card number, are 128 bits SSL encrypted in addition to being escorted by an anti-fraud software developed by Paypal. This keeps away potential hackers.

In order to ensure customer's confidentiality, Paypal will not sell, rent or disclose any personal data used for your transactions to any entity other than BESTCOST and your bank in the event of litigation concerning your transaction. The confidentiality of the data submitted in the membership section is a top priority for BESTCOST. BESTCOST will never divulgate any or your personal data to a third party.

What is meant by Open Box

It is a product that was newly purchased and returned by the customer.

This product is generally still in its original packing and comes with all accessories and user manuals (some user manual available only online).

In accordance with our warranty policy, recertified products may be units returned by customers and repaired. All products are tested and determined to meet strict standards of quality manufacturing before being sold as recertified. Please note that some recertified items may have small scratches or other light wear.

The reasons for the return may be:
  • The client decided he did not really need it
  • He believes that he overrun his budget
  • Spouse insists that the product be returned
  • He does not like the product and would like to upgrade to another model
  • He used it for 30 days or less and wants his money back
  • He only needed it for the weekend or for a business or vacation trip
  • He found it too complicated to operate
  • The product had a slight flaw

State of the product :

The product is practically new ,visually. All the products are tested and re-boxed at the factory in their original or new packing.

On occasion, if the original box was too damaged, the product will be professionally packed in a new box for a good presentation. (ex. if the product was originally plasticized)


All products have a warranty of repair or replacement of 6 months. Televisions and many electronic products have a 12 month warranty, ask us for more information.

In most cases the warranty is directly with Bestcost Electronics Inc., that of the manufacturer is canceled. Except for Apple which is a minimum of 6 months with us, if the guarantee directly with Apple would be less, but generally the guarantee directly with Apple is 6 to 11 months. Apple, Saeco and cuisinart products are final sales.

Cuisinart products have a warranty of 6 months and T-fal 12 months, but directly with Cuisinart or T-Fal according to the brand.

Saeco recertified products have 6 months warranty directly, and we proceed with a Saeco service center. Saeco's new products have 12 months warranty with us or directly with Saeco at your choice.

Bestcost is an authorized Saeco reseller.

If a problem arises with your television, blu-ray player,home theatre or any other product sold by Bestcost Electronique Inc. Please contact us immidiately so that we may assist you.

Certain products, such as portable computers, have also a remaining warranty with the manufacturer and you can buy, if so desired, an extended warranty directly from the manufacturer.

For LCD screens, if, during the warranty period, 3 or more pixels become dead, we will replace it with the same or an equivalent model.

If a product shows signs of abuse, the cost of repair will be charged to the customer. No repair will be done without your approval.


The insurance charges are the responsibility of the customer; however the first $100 insurance is already included for all dispatched orders.

Methods of payment

Certified check or Money order

It is also possible to pay your order with a certified check issued by a Canadian bank or credit union or with a money order issued by Canada Post. This method of payment is only available for orders shipped inside Canada. Your product will be reserved for 5 days while waiting for your certified check or money order. As soon as we receive your certified check or money order, your order will be shipped. You must use the Pick-up delivery option when you complete your order on-line. We will send you an e-mail and we will communicate with you. It is advisable to confirm the total amount of the order (step 3 of the buying process) before sending a certified check or money order.

PayPal (crédit csrd: visa, master card et amex only with paypal)

It is also possible to transfer electronic funds using PayPal. You can not do it directly with the on-line order processing. You must choose the Paypal payment option when you complete the on-line ordering. We will send you an e-mail and we will communicate with you. You can also make a special order and we will send you a bill, explaining how to pay with PayPal. You can also contact us. Once the amount of your order is confirmed, you can proceed immediately with the payment if you are familiar with the process. If not, please contact us and we will send you a message to explain how to pay for your order using PayPal.

Payment of invoice directly on the site of your financial institution or AccèsD

It is also possible to pay your Bestcost Electronique Inc. or PC #2723 invoice with your financial institution without giving any banking information to Bestcost.Ca

In this case, you must choose the option "Certapay/AccèsD" in the payment mode option when you will make your order on line. An email will be sent to you with the following way to proceed:

Simply pay this invoice on the transaction Web site of your financial institution in the payments section, or at the bank counter. " Bestcost Electronique Inc." approved dealer SPC #2723.

Transfer by email Certapay

It is also possible to make a transfer by e-mail if you are dealing with one of the following Canadian bank (Montreal, Royal, CIBC, Scotia, Canada trust). You must choose the Certapay payment option when completing your order. We will send you an e-mail and we will communicate with you. You can also contact us. Once the total amount of your order is confirmed, we will send you all the necessary information to make this transfer. You will need to send us the keyword so that we can receive the funds before shipping the product.

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